The Chemistry to Make It Happen

The history of Paradigm Labs, Inc. is a story of technical strength, customer service, and sustained long-term growth. The company came into being in 1991, when founder Terry K. Maier purchased the assets of a long-established chemical production firm in eastern Pennsylvania.

Terry’s plan was to develop and manufacture a water-based product line to replace solvent-based technologies — a commitment to green concerns that has never wavered during the life of the company. Launching biodegradable detergents and water-based coatings and flame retardants to the textile industry was an early focus. Soon the company was also serving the dry cleaning and laundering industries.

A primary driver of Paradigm’s development emerged when the company began to offer toll blending services in the ’90s, bringing on a huge expansion of product offerings to firms in multiple industries — water treatment, packaging, transportation, paper, chemicals, mold/fire remediation/restoration, metals, glass and many more. The company constantly increased laboratory services that helped its clientele develop and refine solutions perfectly suited to them.

Relationships with multinational client companies followed, and strong demand for the company’s products created the need for repeated expansions. To better serve the markets of customers large and small, the 12,000 sq. ft. Louisiana manufacturing location was opened in 2014. The most recent expansions took place at our Pine Grove, PA headquarters in 2018, with the construction of another 5,000 sq. ft. building. Plans are underway to make still more capacity with further construction in 2022.

Today, Paradigm continues to create new products and services for an international customer base — including many purchasers of personal care products that offer vital protection during pandemic times. Now as always, Paradigm Labs and its employees are proud to adapt and serve.

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