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Versatile products for industrial use.

Evolving with the needs of a varied customer base, the Paradigm Labs portfolio of industrial chemicals is comprehensive and highly effective across many industry sectors. Our ability to rapidly develop custom formulations complements and extends a wide selection of economical off-the-shelf products.

Large or small, your company deserves the proven problem-solving capabilities Paradigm has to offer. We provide both lab screening and plant trials at your facility or ours to ensure the optimum product for your application is selected. With one-on-one attention and correct, detailed analysis of your business needs, we are prompt, expert, responsive manufacturing partners.

Paradigm’s new manufacturing capabilities.

As the needs of our clientele for water-based chemical specialties have grown and changed, Paradigm Labs has responded with significant new capabilities at both its manufacturing plants.

At Pine Grove, PA, three new reactors produce batches from 300 to 3,000 gallons, under full vacuum or under pressure. For other orders, the plant relies on eight atmospheric tanks with volumes from 500 to 3,300 gallons.

At St. Gabriel, LA, we now operate three atmospheric tanks with volumes of 300, 2,200 and 6,500 gallons, the largest one capable of blending a full tank-truck load.

Both locations use high-speed dispersion tanks which allow them to mix high viscosity materials and high solids up to 200,000 centipoise.

The “Labs” in our name is the real thing, too. We maintain sophisticated laboratory capabilities. Our gas chromatograph enables us to accurately determine volatile components in solvents. We perform Karl Fischer titrations to measure trace amounts of water in samples, manual titrations on the reagents that go into a formulation, viscometer tests for sample thickness, and pH testing.

It all adds up to a system that helps our customers choose the formulation that works best for them — and receive accurate, consistent product deliveries, batch after batch.

Our base industrial product line of 250 formulations is the basis for many other custom products tailored to specific client needs. We serve more than 40 global markets, including these key categories:

  • Chemical Compounding
  • High-Tech Cleaning
  • Industrial Laundering
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Metals
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Recycling & Wastewater
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Transportation

Dry cleaning products from Paradigm Labs.

Paradigm Labs manufactures a full line of dry cleaning and laundry products. We formulate them to green chemistry standards, not only to benefit the environment but also to support your marketing and give your customers peace of mind. Paradigm became a leading manufacturer of comprehensive specialty cleaning chemicals and detergents used in dry cleaning and commercial laundry applications in 1991. Today, our main product categories include the best in dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundry, and spotting agents.

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