Introducing our Founder — Terry K. Maier

Terry K. Maier founded Paradigm Labs, Inc. nearly 30 years ago. A Pennsylvania native, he attended Penn State as a general studies major. After taking time off from college to serve in the Air Force as an aircraft radio technician, he earned a biology degree with a chemistry minor at the College of Charleston (South Carolina).

Terry pursued a successful career in the chemical industry, and in 1991 purchased the assets of a 50-year-old company that supplied chemicals to the textile market. That year, Paradigm Labs, Inc. opened its doors in Allentown, PA. By 1995, the company relocated to its existing location in Pine Grove, PA. Since then, it has advanced through several major expansions, including the opening of a second manufacturing site in Louisiana and a technical support/sales office in North Carolina.

His retirement at the end of 2020 has given Terry more time to enjoy his favorite activities: golfing, gardening, dining at fine restaurants, and travel.

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