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Remediation, Restoration & Construction

Reducing labor and keeping your employees and customers safe is the focus of the Enviroguard™ brand of restoration, remediation and construction products.

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Dry Cleaning & Laundering

With roots in the textile markets, Paradigm Labs produces a full line of dry cleaning and laundry products. Like most of our product lines, these products are also formulated to green chemistry standards to assist your marketing and to give your customers peace-of-mind.

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Industrial Chemicals

The Paradigm industrial product line represents over 250 formulations that currently serve the global markets. The Paradigm Labs motto has always been to formulate with the needs of our customers in mind to eliminate problems that help our customers increase sales, decrease costs and reduce risks.

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Custom Manufacturing

Do you need a proprietary formula manufactured and packaged to your specifications? Are you working to grow an industrial, commercial or consumer brand and you need the right manufacturing partner to handle the dirty work?

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About Us

Paradigm Labs is a specialty chemical manufacturer supplying over 200 products to almost 40 industries worldwide. The business was started in 1991 manufacturing products for the textile industry. Over the years we have expanded into many industries including paper, chemical, metals, glass as well as the remediation and restoration of mold and fire. Paradigm Labs is headquartered in Pine Grove, PA and has manufacturing facilities in Pine Grove as well as St. Gabriel, LA. A sales office with warehousing is located in Winston Salem, NC.

For our entire time in business, Paradigm Labs has been a global innovator of eco-friendly, powerful and proven chemistry for industrial and commercial applications. From the beginning, we have concentrated on developing and manufacturing safe and environmentally friendly products — in many cases, replacing less effective hazardous materials with safer, more cost-effective alternatives.

Today, the company consists of three major divisions: Industrial, Commercial and Specialty Manufacturing.


The industrial division manufactures products for industrial applications. These products include cleaners, defoamers, coatings and a full line of products for the textile and dry cleaning industries.


The commercial division is the Enviroguard Group. This group manufactures products for mold and mildew remediation, including cleaners, coatings and sealants. In addition, we make cleaners and coatings for the fire restoration industry. This group is headquartered in Winston Salem, NC.

Specialty Manufacturing

Specialty Manufacturing is done at both our plants. The plant in Pine Grove, PA handles products where smaller batches, alternative packaging or pressure vessels are required. The plant in St. Gabriel, LA is geared toward truckload quantities, but only atmospheric blending is available.

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