X4 Has Dropped the “Enviroseal” Designation But Has Added New Uses

Ever since partnering with Manhattan Property Management and developing X4, we’ve been focused on the proven moisture shedding benefits of the product. To be able to prevent wind driven moisture from degrading cladding on a building is a big deal. To pair it with an annual, revenue producing inspection to keep an eye on performance is just smart. Now we understand that X4 can be used for much more.

With more building structures being constructed from poured concrete and cinder block, an easy to apply vapor barrier is necessary for shedding moisture in the drainage plane between the structure and the cladding. Whether the moisture is due to condensation or random cladding failure, X4 eliminate moisture absorption into the structure but doesn’t alter the vapor permeance of the building envelope.

Fast application times, complete surface coverage and long-term Moisture Control. X4 is another Moisture Control from Enviroguard to build sustainability and profit into your business.