Winter is Coming. Are You Prepared to Grow Sales?

Odor Mitigation with ClO2 in Solid, Liquid and Vapor Formats May Be the Ticket

Colder weather and the Holidays can impact remediation and moisture control sales. However, with more time spent indoors, odor mitigation services can help fill that void.

If you haven’t heard, the Enviroguard division of Paradigm Labs is now selling Chlorine Dioxide in 4-gram, 20-gram and 100-gram tablets as well as 200-gram and 1000-gram kits. From small liquid treatment jobs to mitigate odor from pet accidents in carpeting, pads and subfloors to large odor mitigation jobs involving cigarette smoke, wildlife infestations, Chinese Drywall, Fuel Spills and Mold Odors, our diverse line of packaged ClO2 is ready to serve your needs.

In fact, less than two weeks ago, I was in Charleston, SC with Mario Colangelo of AdvantaClean of the Low Country, working on a crawl space job to do a liquid and vapor treatment. Here are some images and descriptions from the job. Stay tuned for a video showing our step-by-step process as well as my post job interview with Mario and his impressions and thoughts on best practices.

Mario’s crawl space job was the result of the remnants of Hurricane Irma. Crawl spaces in historic Charleston, SC flooded with a mixture of sewage, “pluck mud” and sea water resulting in foul odors that penetrated the soil and structure.

When soil treating with a liquid solution, we found out that gallons-per-minute is key in maximizing efficiency. The SMK Sprayer produces 2 GPM and saved us hours in labor!

The GasAlert Extreme from Honeywell is used to clearance test your job before issuing reoccupancy to your customer.

We used three 500-gram kits to do the job (each produces 25,000 ppm ClO2). One was used to formulate the solution for liquid treating the soil. The other two were used to formulate liquid concentrates for vapor treating the air space and structural materials.

Formulating a chlorine dioxide solution is fast and easy. For smaller solutions, a 1-part tablet is used to make your solution. For larger solutions, a two-part kit (A and B) is used.

Our objective was to treat the soil to 2 inches of depth in this crawl space. As mentioned previously, using a powered sprayer with a sufficient gallons-per-minute rating is necessary for minimizing treatment times and maximizing profitability. We found the SMK Sprayer to be the best solution in comparison to the “bucket sprayer” that Mario had been using.

Our Efficiency System is used to aerate the chlorine dioxide solution which reduces application times by 80%-90%.

Mario and I both agreed that producing a training video from this job would be helpful to our customers around the country. The video is in edit currently and to it, I’ll attach Mario and my post-job interview so you can hear what we learned together and the best practices that we’ll implement with future jobs. Stay tuned for its release

Materials to assist the implementation of your Odor Mitigation program available. From strategies on job estimating to step-by-step procedural guides, we’re trying to build an easy-to-use model for your operations, marketing, and sales.