Toll blending, also known as toll milling, contract manufacturing or custom processing, involves the custom mixing and processing of a customer’s product for a fee or “toll”. These services are provided on various products, especially those with intensive processes and complex formulations in the specialty chemical industry. The custom blending and milling of specialty chemical products like paints, cleaners and personal care products require the use of costly specialized equipment. Knowledge of engineering processes is also necessary for the effective execution of formulation during production. Make Paradigm Labs, Inc. part of your success formula by contacting us today!

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We can toll blend or formulate the following items:

• Adhesives
• Fire Retardants
• Polyols

• Textiles
• Paints
• Lubricants
• Cleaners
• Fluids
• Viscous Materials
• Combustibles
• Flammables

We offer a variety of plastic & metal packaging options to overcome some of your biggest challenges:

• Totes
• Drums
• Pails
• Quart Sized Bottles

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