REACT/EXTRACT System Training… In Only 9 Minutes

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Live classes lack flexibility, are expensive and do little for consistently delivering the latest information, in bite sized pieces and in a format that can be revisited as often as needed.

The first online video training module “REACT/EXTRACT Remediation Training System” is live. Register here for any date/time that works well for you and be sure to share this with everyone on your team. After the training video, the balance of the hour is reserved to answer your questions in a live web meeting while having the opportunity to hear from and interact with your peers nationwide from the comfort of your office.


Watch the video below to S.E.E. the REACT/EXTRACT in action.

The REACT/EXTRACT Remediation System combines the synergies of OxyPrep and Oxypar LR with the time/labor saving innovation of the BTM Sprayer and wet extraction to give you an advanced remediation protocol that prioritizes Safety, Efficacy and Efficiency (S.E.E.).

Featured Products

BTM Sprayer

The BTM Electric Spray Unit “breaks the mold” of conventional sprayers! This sprayer is a dual product system that allows for both in series and simultaneous spraying through one piece of equipment.


OxyPrep is a ready-to-use stain remover and pre-spray*. It instantly goes to work removing stains and odors on contact caused by mold, mildew, bacteria and other organics.

Oxypar LR

Oxypar LR is aready-to-use, stabilized, hydrogen peroxide foaming cleaner and stain remover that can be use for most surfaces.