VaporLock White

VaporLock White

White “Low-Perm” Stain-blocker & Odor Sealer | Covers and blocks stains while sealing-in offensive fire and animal odors

5 gallons

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An odor sealer for the worst deeply embedded odors from smoke, pets and fuel that hides stains in one step.


Perception matters, and most people don’t want to see char and smoke staining once their property is restored from fire damage. VaporLock White covers stains up to 20% better than other sealers and costs 10% to 40% less up front. Now that’s value!


To permanently seal odors, you need a sealer with an exceptionally low vapor permeance rating. VaporLock White works just like the popular shellac sealers while being water-based and VOC-free.


An odor sealer has to work. And it has to work permanently. But with VaporLock White your can say goodbye to the fumes that irritate and slow down your technicians. And Vapor Lock White will make insurers, subcontractors and property owners happy because VaporLock White won’t slow down the job with 24-48 hour re-entry specifications.


  • Water-based and non-toxic
  • No VOC’s or fumes
  • Contain no organometallic compounds
  • Non-reactive to metals, composites, and plastics
  • Easily disposed of after use


  • Wooden surfaces like treated/untreated lumber, particleboard, OSB and masonite
  • Metal surfaces like iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc
  • Manufactured surfaces like composites, wallboard, fiberglass, and plastics
  • Masonry surfaces like poured, performed and block concrete and brick


  • White, non-gloss finish covers ugly stainsWater-based and non-toxic
  • Primes and seals in one step
  • Seals in both smoke and animal odors on semi-porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Low viscosity for use in a variety of application equipment
  • Primes surfaces for improved plant adhesion and durability

Priced Right

  • 10% to 40% less per 5-gallon bucket