SoilResist LT-100

SoilResist LT-100

SOILRESIST LT-100 is a water-based fluorochemical used to repel water and oil on woven fabrics. When used as a finishing agent, it provides excellent soil resistance on a wide variety of fibers. SOILRESIST LT-100 is designed to prevent both wet and dry soiling, and to impart oil and water repellency. SOILRESIST LT-100 can be used on most types of synthetic and natural fibers and their blends. SOILRESIST LT-100 can be applied by spraying or dipping.


15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote

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SOILRESIST LT-100 cures at a low temperature to develop water, oil, and soil resistant properties.
Improves abrasion resistance with higher pick-up weights.

SOILRESIST LT-100 dilutes readily in water and mixes with Pyroguard FRA¹ allowing application of two
products in one step.

SOILRESIST LT-100 is non-flammable.


Make a 3-6% solution with water and apply using preferred method.

¹Pyroguard FRA is a flame retardant product for use on both man-made and natural fibers and is compatible with
SOILRESIST LT-100. For more information contact your Paradigm Labs representative.


Appearance: Off white, milky emulsion
Specific Gravity: 1.037
pH: 3.85
Solids: 15%
Boiling Point: 208°F
Melting/FreezingPoint: 32°F

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15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote