Pyroguard® FRP-103

Pyroguard® FRP-103

PYROGUARD® FRP-103 is a flame retarding product for use in cotton, paper and other cellulosic fibers. It is designed to impart nonpermanent flame retardancy.


15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote

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PYROGUARD® FRP-103 may be applied by either a size press or a shower spray application. Usage rates of this product may vary between 15% and 80% solutions depending on pickup and type of material of fabric construction. On a cellulose substrate, a minimum of 12% weight pickup is recommended to achieve flame retardancy. Drying temperatures of 180 and 220° F are recommended. Over drying should be avoided.
PYROGUARD® FRP-103 can be applied in a pad or sprays. The fabric can be wet or dry. Usually a dry weight pickup of 8% – 12% is sufficient to flame retard. Recommended drying temperature 230-250° F.

*Product is available to be compliant with Chemical Codex. All ingredients are Generally Recognized As Safe.


Appearance: Clear Liquid
pH (2% solution): 6.0 – 6.7
Solubility: Completely soluble in water
Specific Gravity: 1.24
Solids: 42% ± 1%
Stability: Stable for at least one year if stored in a cool, dry place
Water Resistance: Poor

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15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote