Pyroguard® FCI

Pyroguard® FCI

Pyroguard® FCI is a backcoating designed for fabric where a fire barrier is desired. When exposed to extreme heat, the Pyroguard® FCI will intumesce, forming a foam-like char barrier that will not burn, but will act to insulate the substrate or area being protected. This barrier and insulating property will increase the time that flames may spread saving both lives and assets. Suggested uses include: mattress ticking, headliners in cars, fabric for seats in automobiles and public transportation, and barrier blankets for firefighters.

During tests at an independent lab, Pyroguard® FCI was issued a Class A fire rating for flame spread.


15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote

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Pyroguard® FCI can be applied by spraying, dipping, foaming, or with a kiss roller. The thickness of the char is 10 to 20 times the thickness of the dried coating.


Appearance: Black Viscous Liquid
Weight per Gallon: 9.8 to 10.2
Temperature to Activate: Approximately 350°F

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15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote