GFI-72 is a gas fade inhibitor designed to prevent color change due to exposure to exhaust fumes for prolonged periods of time in warehouses. It also proves effective in preventing color change in gas dryers. It contains antioxidants, which helps prevent yellowing during the drying process.


15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote

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GFI-72 must be applied in a pad for the best economy. The amounts required differ from customer to customer. Solutions of 1% to 3% sufficient.


Start with a 3% solution padded onto the substrate and dry as usual. If this is successful subsequent solutions can be made to lower solutions. If the 3% solution does not work, increase to 5% and repeat.


Appearance: Clear, pale yellow liquid
Solubility: Completely soluble in water
pH: 4.0 – 5.0
Specific Gravity: 1.24

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15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote