Antifoam NOS

Antifoam NOS

ANTIFOAM NOS is a specially formulated hydrocarbon type defoamer containing no silicone derivatives. The product is very active and only small quantities are necessary to maintain adequate foam control. Uses include printing, dyeing, and other applications where silicone cannot be tolerated.


15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote

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– Eliminates foaming caused by dispersants, additives, or chemical auxiliaries.
– Will not spot.
– Forms stable dispersions.
– Highly effective – exceedingly small amounts needed.
– Has a sustained effect.
– No defoamer scum ring on equipment.
– Non-toxic.
– Completely biodegradable – will not pollute.


ANTIFOAM NOS may be used at .25% – .50% levels or less. Application concentrations are determined by the degree of foam encountered. Best results are achieved when ANTIFOAM NOS is injected into the system prior to foam formation.


Appearance: White, translucent liquid
Odor: Odorless
Solubility: Emulsifies in water
Ionic type: Nonionic
Density: 8.17 lbs/gallon
Package: 55 gallon drum
Specific gravity: .98

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15 Gal Drum, 30 Gal Drum, 55 Gal Drum, 275 Gal Tote