Paradigm Labs, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of products for a wide variety of industry sectors. We specialize in problem-solving by creating products specifically designed and formulated for your company. We believe that every company, big and small, deserves one on one attention and a correct analysis of their business needs. We have the ability to offer both lab screening and plant trials at your facility to ensure the optimum product for your application is selected. Our team can help develop tailored formulations specific to your requirements.

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Our current product line represents over 250 formulations that currently serve over 40 global markets which include but are not limited to:

• Chemical Compounding
• Hi-tech Cleaning
• Industrial Laundering

• Industrial Maintenance
• Metals
• Pulp & Paper
• Recycling & Wastewater
• Textile Manufacturing
• Transportation

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• Improve processing and handling of materials
• Reduce waste and improve efficiency
• Increase throughput
• Lower your cost in use



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We are a COSTARS supplier.