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The PLI Advantage

Enjoy the Advantages of Paradigm Labs

For over 21 years, we've focused on researching, formulating and producing the safest products in the market so that you can decrease employee risk, increase productivity and reduce customer complaints. Our products are based upon some of the most broadly accepted standards in the industry such as DfE (designed for the environment), LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) and Green Seal. For the first 13 years of Paradigm Labs, we did it for large manufacturing companies globally, and over the last eight years we've done it for commercial restoration and remediation companies throughout the United States.

As a manufacturer to both industrial and commercial customers through 32 industries, Paradigm Labs has unique access to a broad supplier base. A broad supplier base gives us access to the top researchers and cutting edge technologies so that you have the best products in the market. Couple this with our inside research, testing, manufacturing and packaging capabilities and you have a powerful chemical manufacturing partner that can't be matched in the restoration and remediation industry.

Paradigm Labs is a real manufacturing company and we have the ability to produce products in dry ribbon blenders, we have reactors onsite for more complex products, we have wet blending equipment to produce batches from 100 gallons to 6000 gallons and everything in between and we have the technology to produce all parts of a high quality suspension coating or sealer from the grind to the letdown. To you that means enjoying a relationship with a manufacturer that delivers high quality products that work the way we promise every time.

Paradigm Labs sells its products directly to the users of Enviroguard chemistries. Not only does this cut out the cost of a middle man and immediately put 20% or more directly back into your pocket, but our direct support system gets you the answers that you need, protecting against misinformation or misuse. This type of savings gives you the flexibility of either increasing your profits or maintaining your profits and successfully competing for more jobs!