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Our History

A Brief History of Paradigm Labs

Paradigm Labs, Inc. was founded in 1991 with the goal of developing and manufacturing water-based products that would be effective, safe and environmentally sound and that would replace solvent-based technologies that were the standard at the time. We started with the textile industry, developing biodegradable detergents, water-based coatings and water-based flame retardants for the manufacturing process. We then turned our attention to the dry cleaning and laundry industry where we developed low-odor spotters, water-soluble POG products and super-concentrated detergents. Along the way, we decided that direct marketing to the end user was the best method of offering value to customers in terms of price, response and technical support. And in doing so, we were able to best understand our customers' businesses and thereby consult, develop new products and implement product education with their interests in mind. The development of water-based flame retardants led us to the paper industry where we now supply products going into safety paper used in paint booths throughout the world. In addition, we developed a complete line of highly concentrated cleaners and defoamers used thoughout industry.

Incorporating our experience and knowledge with cleaners and coatings, Paradigm developed a complete line of products for the remediation, restoration and construction industries for the purposes of mold, indoor air quality, fire, water clean-up, decontamination and prevention. While we initially marketed these products through a private-label brand, we have now expanded our direct marketing approach to the Enviroguard™ product line. We now sell directly to contractors to again ensure the best overall value in terms of price, response and technical support.

Our most recent endeavor is the development of fire prevention and protection products used in the insulation, construction, aerospace, entertainment and restoration industries. This is a line of intumescent coatings registered under the Pyromescent® trademark. These specialty coatings protect structures in the event of fire by slowing heat transmission as well as flame spread. The products are activated by heat, and once activated, they form a barrier that insulates the protected surface from the fire, giving occupants more time to get to safety while helping to reduce reconstruction time and cost. One of the largest uses of the product is to act as a thermal barrier on foam insulation used in attics, crawl spaces and any place where foam insulation is used and cannot be covered by another barrier such as dry wall.

And, Paradigm Labs is just getting started! As a company entering its second generation of family ownership, Paradigm is primed to continue its growth through the same loyalty and dedication to its customers that has made Paradigm Labs a "Model of Excellence" since 1991.